25 years of Apostroph – with no apostrophe out of place

Once upon a time… over a glass of whisky: it's been 25 years since Elisabeth Stofer and Wolfgang Krebs decided to found Apostroph one night under the Sri Lankan moon. We're glad the idea wasn't put on ice! Because what they realised with a small team on their return to Lucerne has evolved into one of the largest premium translation agencies in Switzerland. Along the way, Apostroph has scored time and again with its future-oriented and flexible approach to business – and other unexpected aspects of life. The company's history is peppered with anecdotes – to be recounted over the birthday cake and coffee. Here's one: on a lovely summer morning in 2005, the whole of Lucerne's old town quarter stood knee-deep in floodwater: unfazed by this natural phenomenon, the fashion-conscious Apostroph ladies removed their high heels and waded barefoot to their relatively new office in Töpferstrasse.

Aside from that episode, this first quarter century of the company's history has never seen it get cold feet: ever forward-looking, Apostroph remains nimble, keeps a close eye on the market and responds swiftly to developments. Technical enhancements were introduced early on, including computer-aided translation (CAT) tools and online order portals for major customers. So as you can see, the Apostroph apostrophe may be small on the page, but it punches way above its weight in reality.

More Apostroph stories to come during this anniversary year.