A shiny new digital world

36 kilobytes of storage space and a processor running at 1 megahertz: what sounds like a joke today made it possible for Neil Armstrong to be the first man on the Moon at 03.56 CET on 21 July 1969. Computers now run at multiple gigahertz speeds, and storage space is virtually infinite. Rapid technological advances, especially those of recent years, have led to what's now on everyone's lips: digitisation. Its immense importance is reflected not only in the number of internet and social media users, but also in business: just over half the world's population is online, while the proportion in Europe is 85 percent. Business couldn't run without digitisation today.

Ever since Apostroph's founding almost a quarter of a century ago, we've maintained a close eye on technical trends in the language services industry, keeping our infrastructure up-to-date and, in recent years, digitising our processes. For instance, we launched the myAPOSTROPH platform for our corporate clients almost seven years ago: it enables orders to be placed via a simple encrypted procedure – anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, our freelancers use the encrypted myFREELANCE platform to down/upload their jobs, allowing them to concentrate on their work. And that's not all – our in-house ERP (enterprise resource planning) system means we manage our operational processes in an efficient, needs-based manner, which keeps costs down all around. Data security with no ifs or buts is also part of our service: as a Swiss company, our data is 100 percent hosted in Switzerland.