ISO 27001 and other good reasons that speak for Apostroph

Certification agency Swiss Safety Center AG audited Apostroph Group’s information security management system down to the last detail and awarded us the ISO 27001 quality certificate. This seal of approval confirms that our processes work flawlessly and that your data’s in safe hands.

What James Bond and Apostroph have in common

Even for a hero like 007, information security is central to missions conducted by Her Majesty’s Secret Service. From that point of view, the secret agent’s no different from Apostroph, except that the British royal family isn’t (yet) one of our clients. Information protection is even more important in the digital age, as data loss and data breaches can have dire consequences. That’s why the ISO 27001 requirements are strict – and why we’re delighted that our information security management system (ISMS) passed the extensive audit with flying colours. Swiss Safety Center AG, part of the SVTI Group, was responsible for awarding the certificate.

High standards

Based in Geneva, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) specifies the global standard for information security, among other things. An organisation has to meet a raft of requirements to attain certification to ISO 27001. Apostroph’s new seal of approval shows our clients that we make best possible use of our resources in terms of safeguarding the exchange of information, understanding and managing the key risks, guaranteeing integrity and availability, ensuring that our workforce knows how to handle sensitive information, and providing confidentiality and data protection safeguards at all levels. ISO 27001 is aimed at companies and organisations of all types. Apostroph was awarded the label for information security, which is a specialist area of the IT and telecommunications sector. The certification finds us consolidating our leading edge in quality management and data protection.

Perfect interplay of technology and organisation

Technical resources help to underpin information security, but that, on its own, isn’t enough. The organisation is at least as important. That’s why Apostroph is focused on maintaining its technological edge and fine-tuning its internal processes. Staff training is a key aspect, since across-the-board security depends on everyone knowing how to handle data properly. Our Group Head of Operations and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Karin Heinzer-Achermann, has overall responsibility for the implementation and verification of the information security standard. Since the ISO 27001 certification has to be renewed every three years, no one at Apostroph can rest on their laurels.

Multiple official recognitions of quality

With three quality certificates under its belt, Apostroph is consolidating its reputation as one of the leading language service providers in the German-speaking region. The ISO 17100 certification is in recognition of our translation services. Among other things, it confirms that our translation professionals, copywriters and project managers meet high standards of training and competence. ISO 9001 shows that we meet the criteria for a quality management system, while ISO 27001 recognises the seriousness and diligence with which we implement this strict information security standard. Last but not least, we’re ISO 18587 compliant when it comes to post-editing and machine translation. Not for nothing have numerous clients in particularly sensitive sectors – medicine, life science, health, finance, law, technology and so forth – placed their trust in us for years.

Our best award: long-standing customer relationships

We invest a great deal in certifications, since these seals of approval build the basis for a modern company with a professional culture and high quality standards. No question, ISO certification is essential in terms of competition, but we also owe our long-standing business relationships to an aspect for which there’s no official recognition: the Apostroph philosophy. We take time for our clients and work with them to identify bespoke solutions; we’re also open with them about the benefits and limitations of machine translation. We’re not a translation or copywriting factory: we select our language professionals specifically by sector and maintain relations with the best in each field. Moreover, our clients appreciate the fact that they can count on regular translators and copywriters who know their organisation, products or services and are familiar with their corporate wording. Our project managers facilitate the two-way flow of information and are eager to provide a first-class service.

All this can be summarised very simply: we love language and languages, we’re passionate about what we do, and we care about attention to detail. That’s Apostroph’s quality mission. We also call it “Swiss Firm. Swiss Quality”.

Want to know more about our certifications and high quality standards? Contact our Heads of Operations at our offices in Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich.