Annual report planning – go for gold!

Now is the best time to prepare for the seasonal high point in the realm of financial communications. The 2019 financial year is approaching the home straight: so what is it you need to stay ahead of the game? Strong specialists in the financial sphere – people you can rely on from start to finish: Apostroph.

The time has come to do your resource planning by booking our Apostroph language professionals. After all, there's more to an annual report than just bare figures: your annual report also needs to meet professional standards, act as a compelling shop window for your company, and come across to your stakeholders in a clear and effective way – in all your corporate languages. It goes without saying that our language professionals know all about IFRS and Swiss GAAP FER – even between the lines. We deploy translation memories to keep your corporate languages up-to-date.

We're probably right in thinking you'd rather focus on the contents of your annual report than spend time worrying about the various linguistic versions. So you'll be interested to know that Apostroph's processes are not only quality certified (ISO 9001 and ISO 17100), but also unbeatably efficient. Our clients like our fully automated interfaces (to/from editing environments), simplified document exchange and, of course, our secure data transfer protocols. Our ordering portal gives you full control over your orders and deadlines. Do you work directly in InDesign? No problem: we'll take care of the final proofing phase prior to print approval. We'll also conduct tests using pseudo translations to ensure everything's working properly during the critical final phase. Our IT developers have a knack for finding the best solutions – something that's worth its weight in gold, not least in terms of your processes.

And in case you were wondering, this year we’re again supporting the Swiss Annual Report Rating event. Who knows – your annual report may soon be ranking among the award winners. We'll help you get it over the finishing line – in a linguistically professional manner that hits home with your target audience.

Leverage our 25 years of experience and – go for gold!