Apostroph Group’s API can be connected everywhere

So simple: CMS–API–CMS
Apostroph has developed a proprietary translation-oriented programming interface for content management systems (CMS), editing tools and program information management (PIM) systems. This is our application programming interface (API). It allows our clients to send their orders directly from their systems, and us to send them back again when the translations have been completed. The API handles all layout elements, such as titles, subtitles, links and images, delivering ready-to-use, formatted translations with no need for copy/pasting or email traffic. This saves time, prevents errors, increases the workflow and minimises the work involved in web hosting.

Apostroph’s API always adapts

Configuring an API also benefits smaller companies that communicate in two or more languages. An existing standard interface in their in-house system can often be used. Alternatively, Apostroph can provide advice on the available options, help with the installation and solve problems. Where a company has a large volume of translations, we develop solutions tailored to its specific needs. Our system supports multiple CMS, PIM and editing systems. And because we always have one foot in the future, we continuously adapt our system to meet evolving requirements.

Apostroph API: well received everywhere

Apostroph’s application programming interface has gained acceptance across a range of industries, including a large listed company whose annual report is produced in German and English, where the API provides the link to the client’s editing tool. And a Swiss technology company with around 30,000 articles uses the API to link to its own CMS in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. We’re currently working on a bespoke interface for an SME’s PIM system, which is used to produce an online catalogue containing multilingual product information.

Our IT people also speak
On request, we can put you, your IT department or website host in direct touch with our IT specialists. They speak Swiss German, German, English and French. Our team now includes software developer Felix Chantrel. Having studied in France, Germany and Switzerland, he holds a BSc HES in Information Technology. He loves the technical challenges and variety of his job.

Our API leaves you with more time to enjoy the autumn.