Apostroph in person: Alessandra Muhs

Summer 2016 saw Alessandra Muhs gain her bachelor’s degree in Applied Languages at the School of Applied Linguistics, part of the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences; she was appointed to the Apostroph Zurich team in October 2016. Her work is both absorbing and varied: she manages projects from start to finish, that’s to say from offering initial advice to the client and allocating the most appropriate language professionals, to conducting pre-delivery checks and billing the job. With her flexible, friendly approach, she facilitates any questions and answers freelancers and clients may have. And if time allows, she enjoys chatting to them more than is strictly necessary!

Born and bred in Canton Ticino, Alessandra Muhs’ life maxim is carpe diem – her preferred way of “seizing the day” is by jogging in a wood or enjoying the company of friends and her Swiss-German / German parents; she visits the latter as often as possible. Her favourite time of year is summer, when she finds the blue skies of Switzerland’s southernmost canton particularly enticing.

In her role as project manager, she describes herself as ambitious, able to take criticism and perhaps a little maladroit at times, yet very willing to be of help – a quality she discovered in herself prior to her studies when working for a children’s charity in Uganda. Her holidays are also full of discoveries: she’s currently drawn to the USA, where she’s been familiarising herself with the country and its people.

Having moved from the Ticino to Zurich, Alessandra Muhs’ “life compass” points north and south, but also west, where she likes to travel – and east, where her heart has found a new home, as it were, in eastern Switzerland.