Apostroph in person: Jessica Krüger

Jessica Krüger was appointed to the post of Director of Apostroph Lausanne in the summer. On completing her studies in linguistics and politics, she held a number of roles in the UK, the USA and Switzerland. She brings to Apostroph a wealth of know-how stemming from 15-plus years of international experience in a multicultural work environment.

At Apostroph Lausanne, Jessica and her team ensure optimal customer care and steady growth. Her life maxim takes the form of an African proverb that reflects her aim to see Apostroph's Lausanne office and her team make further strides into the linguistic services marketplace: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Winter - which has already come knocking! - is her favourite time of year. Jessica loves being in the mountains with her husband and two children, climbing, trail running or skiing. And even after a busy day in the office, she still finds the energy for all kinds of activities, including chatting with friends about the state of the world.

She's also always on the lookout for fresh challenges - an exploit last summer saw her reach the summit of the Bishorn (alt. 4,153 m) in the Valais Alps.