Apostroph in person: Tina Maric

Some careers begin early: Tina Maric's career as a key account manager started while she was still at baccalaureate school – although in her case, she was the "head of class" and her clients were her class colleagues! Her duties were much the same as those of a KAM, though: listening to people, becoming involved, finding solutions. That's exactly what she's been doing since joining Apostroph Group's Zurich team in May 2019.

But Tina Maric's skill set extends way beyond that. She studied International Relations in Geneva, perfecting her French at the same time. In fact, she's at home in a sprinkling of languages, including French, German and English, with a little Spanish and Russian, and Croatian as her mother tongue.

At Apostroph, Tina Maric works with clients from a wide range of sectors. They include confectionery giant Lindt & Sprüngli, the company she worked for during her internship in sales. She also spent time in a law firm, and today she counts lawyers, courts and fiduciary specialists among her accounts – not forgetting public authorities, advertising agencies, industrial concerns, technology companies and the hospitality sector.

Holiday time finds Tina Maric sometimes foregoing hotels and stepping out for a backpacking adventure: previous destinations have included Lebanon, India and South America. Her trip in Guatemala almost turned into tragedy: Volcán de Fuego erupted not long after she returned from hiking there. Luckily she lived to dance another day – especially having come back from Cuba a salsa enthusiast.

Since growing up in idyllic Bergdietikon, Tina Maric has constantly been drawn to new shores, both in terms of domiciles like Geneva and Zurich, as well as water-related sporting activities such as kite and wind surfing, swimming and stand-up paddling – not forgetting skiing and snowboarding.

Although Tina Maric rides the proverbial wave at work and at play, one thing remains close to her heart: people – in all aspects of her life. For instance, she visits passengers detained at the airport for having no ID. She also helps people learning German at the Autonomous School Zurich. Exactly what you want in a KAM: someone who listens, becomes involved and finds solutions.

Tina Maric can be contacted at our Zurich office.