Digitisation – not a parallel universe!

Change is the only constant, and not just for the Starship Enterprise: user behaviour is constantly evolving – as is the way we work. Some sectors of the economy came into contact with digitisation early on, others much later. Here at Apostroph Group, the entire order placement process was mapped digitally in the form of a proprietary ERP system 25 years ago. Longstanding clients will know that we're able to provide details of every order, language and other particularity at the touch of a button. This ERP (enterprise resource planning) system has seen 25 years of evolution in the capable hands of our software developers.

Back in the early 1990s fax was still being used to dispatch texts; that was soon displaced by MS Word and email, while nowadays XML, HTML, InDesign (IDML), InCopy (ICML), XLIFF and numerous other file formats feature in our bread-and-butter work alongside Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Other processing options offered include fully automated interfaces, add-ons and plug-ins to/from editing environments and content management systems (CMS). Gone are the days when texts from documents or even websites were manually copied and pasted into, say, Word, emailed to the translator, then manually pasted back into the host after translation. Apostroph's interfaces and platforms make your work so much easier and faster – often all it takes is a single click.

The real quantum leap in the translation market was the emergence of CAT (computer-aided translation) applications, a technology that Apostroph has facilitated for its language professionals since 1999 in the form of servers with encrypted data lines. This key step saw Apostroph steer the company's fortunes in the direction of continuous development and optimisation of processes and systems. "Full ahead, Mr. Sulu – maximum warp!"

We pay utmost attention to safeguarding client data by means of encrypted data exchange and secure transmission. Data is hosted exclusively in Switzerland in line with ISO standard 27001.