Annual Report Rating 2018

The panel of experienced professionals and acknowledged experts from the worlds of corporate management, communication and design has again reached its decision, as a result of which the HarbourClub will be honouring the best annual reports produced by Swiss companies on 27 September 2018.

The illustrious event in Zurich will feature a keynote address by Dr. phil. Katja Gentinetta – known, amongst other things, from Swiss Television's Sternstunde Philosophie series. She will be considering why annual reports are such important means of communication for companies.

Apostroph Group has been supporting this high-calibre event for a number of years. As you might expect, we are particularly pleased that Apostroph clients regularly feature amongst the nominees and prizewinners. As to who this year's gold, silver and bronze medallists will be, we will all have to wait for those magic words: "And the winner is..."