Eye to eye with letters, digits – and bytes

Apostroph Group: taking you forward into the future! We’re combining the latest technology, culture and proven expertise for our clients, certified to ISO 18587 – because the use of machines in translation is not incompatible with premium quality.

Apostroph’s been deploying computer-aided translation (CAT) for more than 20 years: this allows the translator to leverage previously created translation units (pairs of sentences comprising the source text and target translation), and provides him or her with preferred translations of terms from the client’s glossary. CAT technology appeared on the market in the 1990s; since then it has simplified the translation process and wrought major changes to the sector.

The technology is progressing in leaps and bounds in the direction of MT (machine translation, whether neural, adaptive or anything in between). Major players in the MT market include Google, Systran, DeepL, Kantan, Lilt and others.

Apostroph now offers its clients the possibility of combining their existing translation units with machine translation. It means you not only benefit from the proven advantages of CAT-based translation, but also from an MT solution.

Your Apostroph team will be pleased to explain what MT is able to offer, and how the (human) professional translator is involved in the process. Whether you’re talking “no match” translation, post-editing, transcreation or comparative proofreading, we’ll help you navigate your way to the most efficient, fastest and best quality translation solution for your company.

Want to know more? Please contact your personal Apostroph project or account manager in Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne or Zurich.

If you don’t yet have a personal contact person assigned to you, then simply talk to Patricia Kamer: telephone +41 44 265 40 32 or patricia.kamer@apostrophgroup.ch.