Finger-click easy

Click ... and it’s done!

A flourish, a fanfare: myAPOSTROPH, our web portal for clients, is celebrating its fifth birthday! Despite its tender age, it progressed beyond the nursery stage long ago and continues to successfully demonstrate its capabilities in the real world. myAPOSTROPH is also a real low-click wonder – all it takes is a few clicks for large numbers of our clients to place their translation orders with Apostroph. This wonderfully simple solution can also be adapted to clients' own in-house systems. 

Aside from its user-friendliness, myAPOSTROPH offers other unbeatable advantages, including online deadline monitoring, an instant overview of orders placed, an archive feature, and round-the-clock access from anywhere in the world. And because we’re keenly aware of the importance of data security, we make no compromises: Apostroph adheres to SSL encryption standards for all its data – including, of course, orders uploaded via myAPOSTROPH – and guarantees that its servers and databases are hosted in Switzerland. 

Make life easy for yourself and take advantage of what the latest technology has to offer: use myAPOSTROPH – your gateway to proven quality Swiss language services.