Glacier Express – all aboard for translation quality

A journey on the Glacier Express offers a first-class panoramic experience. The journey's the reward as the Swiss mountains between St. Moritz and Zermatt glide past the carriage windows. To ensure that the Glacier Express meets with a positive response, it relies on effective, customer-oriented translations from Apostroph Group.

The tourism sector is keenly aware that good hosts speak the language of their guests. Translations are therefore key to the Glacier Express's success. It's about more than getting the meaning of the words right: international visitors want to feel embraced at a cultural level when they board. What's needed is compelling "localisation", which involves adapting the language to the cultural expectations of a country. This is where Apostroph's "mother tongue" principle comes into play: our professionals translate only into their mother tongue.

The Glacier Express is a flagship attraction representing the whole of Switzerland, which is why Apostroph's translators also see themselves as ambassadors for the country. They're familiar with the glitz and glamour of St. Moritz, the rugged beauty of the Albula valley and the sun-kissed vineyards of the Valais. It helps to have an appreciation of Switzerland's diversity to be able to convey it convincingly.

Apostroph offers bespoke translations across all media and formats, printed as well as digital. In the case of the Glacier Express, Apostroph produces brochures, flyers, posters, web texts, newsletters and video subtitles. Moreover, bespoke interface solutions featuring Apostroph's efficient service applications help accelerate business between the two companies.

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