Halfway there with good planning

The annual report's a vital communication tool that doubles as a high-profile image bearer. As a major event in the fiscal year, its publication calls for meticulous preparation: it's an opportunity to present your stakeholders with facts and figures, but also to drive your image home with compelling text in a variety of languages. For almost 25 years, we've been the partner of choice for listed and unlisted companies: put your trust in us and factor us into your annual and financial report planning, whichever reporting standard – IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER or US GAAP – you apply.

Care needs to be taken at the planning stage to ensure your firm's glossary for the report section is up-to-date, the binding delivery deadlines are all agreed, our translating and proofreading capacity has been reserved, and so forth.

Then, when we receive the job, we're ready to deploy our up-to-the-minute technology: we'll import the final version of your previous annual/half-year report into a separate database. In the event your company uses an editing application, our fully automated interface is a real one-click wonder! And if you use InDesign or some other format, you're in the right place: we'll not only be there for you at the planning stage, we'll also conduct tests using pseudo-translations to ensure the technology's ready for you when the time comes. As we said, you can rely on us.

And if your deadlines move around a bit and everything has to be done a little quicker than envisaged, we'll still deliver a quality product result that's sure to convince both you and your stakeholders. Why not contact us now for a face-to-face chat – we'll come to you, or you can pop round to one of our offices in Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne or Zurich.