How swissVR helps company directors keep their finger on the pulse

Directors of companies typically constitute the top level of the organisational hierarchy and, as such, bear a high level of responsibility towards the company’s employees and other stakeholders. They’re expected to meet the highest standards of competence and professionalism: as their decisions often have far-reaching consequences, they must be carefully considered. But the world is in flux, as is the way it does business – more dynamically than ever before. So it’s vital to keep up with developments. That’s exactly what swissVR sets out to do.

Its mission is to strengthen the quality and competence of Swiss boards of directors – through the sharing of experiences and by providing CPD (continuous professional development) in areas such as innovation, technology and digitisation. As an association, swissVR brings together more than 900 active directors from all sectors and regions; company sizes range from SMEs to listed corporations. swissVR provides them with a platform for sharing their experiences and knowledge of board-level activities, and for broadening their horizons.

“A key task of ours is to communicate to the general public what board members think of the current economic situation and give senior management the opportunity to benchmark their own activities,” says swissVR Chair, Cornelia Ritz Bossicard. swissVR Monitor attracts correspondingly great attention. This biannual publication covers economic issues as well as industry and business prospects from a company director perspective; it also tackles topics such as corporate governance and current business challenges.

Competence at board level is an asset much in demand in the current coronavirus crisis. It’s an opportunity for an active expertise network like swissVR to demonstrate its usefulness. What’s the best way of dealing with the initial shock wave? What scenarios should SMEs prepare for? How do you respond to a liquidity crisis? swissVR has discussed and analysed these and other questions and provided useful guidance in its publications. What has become clear, says Cornelia Ritz Bossicard, is the importance not only of managing crises, but also of spotting nascent opportunities the moment they arise.

Apostroph Group – an official strategic partner of swissVR since January 2020 – has been at swissVR’s side since its founding. swissVR relies on Apostroph’s language expertise as exclusive language services partner for its print, online and event communications, with an emphasis on French, English and Italian.