Letting the CAT out of the bag

Far from being caught catnapping, Apostroph saw the writing on the wall back in 1999 when the company was just five years old: it provided its professional translators with training in the use of computer-aided translation (CAT) applications to prepare for the rapidly approaching future of the industry. This also saw translators given electronic access to client glossaries for the first time.

Apostroph is one of the few translation agencies in Switzerland to have developed proprietary ERP software – something it has done since its founding. The integration of CAT applications and order-placement portal interfaces has resulted in the creation of a professional end-to-end translation management system.

It means that clients can link their own CMS, DMS and ERP systems to our system and continue their accustomed order-placement workflows using their familiar user environments. As you might expect, processes can be individually mapped and, if desired, completely automated. Thanks to highly specialised filters, almost all file formats can be edited directly and returned in the same format after translation.

Apostroph is now 25 years old and CAT support has evolved steadily. To let the cat out of the bag: our local servers currently store 1800 client databases containing 15-plus million segments and 80,000 glossary terms in over 30 different languages.