Apostroph Group goes ISO 9001:2015

Anyone hearing “ISO” thinks instinctively of standards – and rather dry and tedious ones at that. Not so the amended ISO 9001:2015 certification: it focuses more than ever on the day-to-day quality management undertaken by organisations. Quality management is something Apostroph likes to stay on top of by looking ahead.

One of the key revisions introduced by the new 9001:2015 norm is the introduction and implementation of a “high level structure”. This ensures a common structuring of ISO management norms and makes it easier for service providers to implement future revisions of existing ISO standards. Alongside a number of other benefits, the revised ISO norm takes greater account of the organisational context. 

The hard skills incorporated in ISO 9001:2015 are accompanied by soft skills: greater importance is now accorded to the concept of risk with the aim of supporting and improving organisations’ QMS planning and process management. The aspect of process management – objectives, performance indicators and awareness – also now forms part of the new certification in order to improve and sharpen visualisation of the organisation’s quality management. A high level of ISO-certified quality – something you can rely on Apostroph Group for, now and going forward.


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