From EN 15038 to ISO 17100

The Apostroph Group together with all its subsidiaries underwent a comprehensive audit in September 2015, during which it met each of the ISO standard 17100 quality criteria and successfully completed the recertification process.

The Apostroph Group has been certified to EN 15038, a European quality standard for translation service providers, since 2013. 

Commencing May 2015, this norm is gradually being superseded by ISO 17100, a translation services management standard that is setting the pace in terms of internationalisation. ISO 17100 facilitates the comparison of translation service providers worldwide.

ISO 17100 specifies a range of criteria at various points. Importantly, the new specifications specify the competencies of project managers and the expertise of translators and editors in their subject areas. The standard also now specifies a data security policy. This comprises a schedule of the information requiring protection, an analysis of potential risks, and a process governing the secure storage and return of all materials belonging to the customer. 

True to the motto "Swiss Firm. Swiss Quality.", clients can place their trust in Apostroph's ability to deliver high quality services.


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