Kikeriki, wuff, iah!

The apostrophe is arguably one of our most versatile characters

Let's take a closer look at the punctuation mark that's lent its name to our company: the apostrophe. The apostrophe doesn't have it easy. It serves specific purposes – the trouble is, not many people know what those purposes really are. That's why it's seen as a troublemaker. It's often either not there where it should be, or there where it shouldn't! But we want to focus on something else – the typographical aspect of the apostrophe. This unspectacular little mark with a big impact exists in a variety of forms. Do you know which one of the apostrophes shown below is correct, typographically speaking? That's right, it's the last one in the row. One way to remember it is as a filled-in '9' or a high-placed comma. There's a variation to that rule: the shape of the apostrophe changes if the typeface is a sans serif – in which case it looks like the last one in the sans serif row. You can still think of it as a high-placed comma, though. That way you'll know whether you're looking at a proper apostrophe or not. The key command for keyboards with a numeric keypad is Alt+0146 (Windows) / Shift+Alt+# (Mac).