All singing, all dancing

Apostroph in person: Project Manager Ina Jukic

Versatility could be Ina Jukic's middle name. To start with, she grew up hearing Croatian, German and Italian, so she has multilingualism in the blood, so to speak. No wonder she ended up at Apostroph. Before joining the company, she worked in a number of branches of industry for various Swiss and foreign enterprises. That was when she first came across Apostroph's language services – and used them as a client. For almost six years now she's now been managing projects for us and making full use of her versatility. Based in Zurich since April of last year, she's been busy breathing new life into Apostroph's local office. Ina really enjoys her contacts with the clients, which give her an insight into all kinds of subject areas and business activities. She enjoys variety in her working life, something that Apostroph certainly offers. She also has a wide range of interests, including cooking, meeting friends – and sports, her favourite pastime.