At home in all regions

We know our sweet butter from our unsalted, and our double cream from our heavy cream.

Who can resist digging in when offered a muffin? But becomes confused when asked if they would like a "fairy cake" or "lamington"? If we are not careful, we can become divided by our common language. Regional variations matter. Advertising is a good example. We notice intuitively that here and there, the terms, grammar and punctuation that have been used are not from our own region, and dismiss the text as not relevant to us. The same is true of the different language regions of Switzerland. The German of Switzerland is not the same as the German of Germany or Austria. French-speaking Switzerland does not necessarily speak French French, and our compatriots in the Ticino have their own regional variation of Italian.

Linguistic localisation is a very specific capability, and one which the Apostroph Group is very proud to offer. Our translators are all native speakers who work according to the target audience for your text. They know the local conventions and are also familiar with the other linguistic peculiarities of their region. Put simply, they live among the people who you are trying to reach. This guarantees that, no matter what type of text, the message gets across – from Basel to Lugano and from Geneva to Davos, from San Fransisco to Paris and from Hamburg to Milan.

Think globally, communicate locally – which is precisely our approach to our "Swiss Firm. Swiss Quality".