Every terabyte in safe hands

Cloudless security

Far removed from the enormous filing cabinets of old, which were carefully locked at the end of the day to protect the contents from prying eyes, data security today has taken on a whole new dimension. Every day, we produce huge volumes of highly sensitive data – each individual in their daily lives, and companies even more so in their work. At the Apostroph Group, we receive thousands upon thousands of bits and bytes of client data every day, all of it hosted by our own servers at Töpferstrasse. Unlike other companies, which entrust their precious data to purportedly secure and light-as-air cloud backup systems after the office closes, we like to do things the good old-fashioned Swiss way and keep things in physical form. Good, solid data security is still important to us. Of course, we don't have banks and banks of filing cabinets at our offices. With today's ways of compressing data, all we need is small boxes to keep all of your documents and information safe. These small boxes spend their nights safe and sound under secure lock and key in the Lucerne area, before the data return the next working day, well rested and ready to race through our computers. 

safe terabytes