myAPOSTROPH: success from the word go

Progress with a capital 'P'

Revolutions usually start with a bang. Not here: the Apostroph Group made very little noise on launching its myAPOSTROPH web portal four years ago – at a stroke revolutionising the online order fulfilment process. 

Accessible from any computer, the platform has become a staple for Apostroph customers with large order volumes and/or rigorous security policies. Its principal advantages? Order placement and deadline definition take place using standardised processes, which makes the whole thing secure, efficient and easy to use. The user maintains oversight of orders, deadlines, costs incurred, purchase orders and cost centres. What's more, customers' internal processes and tools can be linked to the myAPOSTROPH interfaces.

Confidentiality assured: the server-to-server transfer of documents benefits from 2048-bit SSL certificate encryption. The Apostroph Group receives thousands upon thousands of bits and bytes of customer data every day, all of it hosted on its own servers in Switzerland.

Want to join existing customers already enjoying fuss-free online fulfilment of their translation and language services requirements? Then contact us and mention the birthday child by name: myAPOSTROPH!