Apostroph in person: Patricia Kamer

Process issues, customer care, team management, invoicing: as Head of Operations at Apostroph Zurich since 2015, Patricia Kamer's duties are multiple. Herself a qualified translator with master's degree in Business Administration (MBA), she enjoys the variety her role brings. She has a particular flair for seeing the bigger picture – a useful attribute for someone in her position. 

Something else the 32-year-old's good at: amazingly fast touch-typing – which may be related to her describing herself as not particularly patient. It's a character trait she playfully sublimates into energy and turns to her advantage, driving projects forward and ensuring their successful realisation. 

A native of Arth in Canton Schwyz, her energy spills over into her leisure hours: she plays badminton at championship level, likes hiking in the mountains and loves having friends round for a meal. That said, she's also not averse to kicking back and relaxing on the sofa with a good book, her cats Rocky and Sheila on her lap. 

Patricia Kamer has no life maxims as such, but there are daily ones, including "Let the sunshine in". She types it (in record time, of course!), looks out of the window – and a colourful butterfly flutters by!