Translation expertise with a heart

Ten fingers instead of alphanumerics

Despite the diversity of language, only one is truly universal: the language of hand signals. And because humans have a deeply ingrained sense of play, we all know the hand game rock-paper-scissors; it's been a childhood mainstay for centuries: scissors cut paper, paper wraps rock, rock blunts scissors. The rules may be simple – the psychology isn't: researchers have found that a player's next move can be predicted – after winning a round, many choose to repeat the gesture they won with, while the loser often changes theirs. That said, it's not been proven scientifically yet.

Translating into another language is in a different league to hand games like that: when it comes to getting the best out of a text, good translations incorporate craft, experience, sensitivity and, not least, passion and playfulness. It's something the Apostroph Group's professionals are rather good at. 

Whatever the challenges of your text – come play with us: with Apostroph, you're onto a winner!