Final victorious throw

Apostroph mixes with the best

In glorious late-summer sunshine, the Federal Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Games Festival in Estavayer – an event of national importance – drew to a close on 28 August to the time-honoured sound of alphorns and traditional fold music. The Eidgenössische attracted a quarter of a million enthusiastic spectators, all keen to witness the top hornussen players, steinstossen stone-putters and, of course, Schwingen wrestlers in action. Also at the party was Apostroph Group: as the event’s exclusive media partner for translations, Apostroph Lausanne’s long-established Swiss quality was deployed to ensure that each and every wrestling move – Schlüngge, Haken, Brienzer, Kurzen and the rest – in the traditional sawdust rings could be understood across all of Switzerland’s official languages.

Of all the wrestlers – legs coated in sawdust – to have competed in the event, top honours late on Sunday afternoon went to Glarner Matthias, who proudly took home the traditional bull offered to the winner (the Siegermuni) – this year a fine specimen named “Mazot de Cremo”. Apostroph Group congratulates both man and beast and looks forward to the next Eidgenössische festival, which is scheduled to take place in Zug in three years’ time and will feature, once again, Apostroph’s tried-and-proven linguistic skills.

What a throw!