Security for virtual gold

Apostroph leaves no one hanging in mid-air

These days, safeguarding sensitive data is an activity worth its weight in gold for businesses, politicians and private individuals alike. Vast amounts of data are kept locked behind steel doors and ensconced in the hardest Swiss granite; the IT security industry is reckoning on spending billions of francs in cyber security over the coming years.

Maximum security is also vital in the field of mobile communications. Zug-based Sasera has launched cloud-based security-as-a-service encryption software that claims to be the best available for smartphone communications. The new Swiss SaseraTalk app allows, for instance, managers and company directors, politicians and heads of business to phone, send messages and transmit confidential information without fear of being eavesdropped on.

Apostroph Group was asked by Sasera to translate its website: we responded by providing the security company with highly qualified language services in German and translations into English and Spanish for its web presence and a product flyer. Apostroph Group is as much part of Switzerland as the security app offered by Sasera: Swiss firm. Swiss quality.

Gold in the air