Focus: Living Lightly

Hands on hips: did you put on a bit of weight over Christmas? Lots of people find it hard not to do so – all that fine fare is so tempting! Luckily, there are ways of shedding those unwanted bulges that are both effective and healthy: the international company Weight Watchers, for instance, has been helping people achieve and maintain their ideal body shape for over 50 years. For more than a year now, Apostroph Lausanne has been lending a helping hand by translating weekly plans, instructions, recipes, video scripts, programmes and lots more for Weight Watchers customers in French-speaking Switzerland.

Weight Watchers holds the same high expectations for its language services partner as it does for its customers: it's impressed by Apostroph Lausanne's roster of expert language professionals, as well as by Apostroph's target group orientation, high quality and expert advice. Last-minute jobs, too, earn Apostroph kudos – or, as Weight Watchers would say, a "ProPoint" – for the punctuality of its deliveries.