Behind the scenes at Apostroph: Christian Majeux

A high flier with his feet on the ground? Christian Majeux, the 'Directeur' of Apostroph Lausanne is both. The SAWI-trained sales coordinator was appointed Head of Operations at Apostroph Lausanne (formerly TraDoc SA) in 2013, since which time he has skilfully piloted Apostroph's only French-speaking subsidiary. His principal duties include overseeing the order fulfilment process, defining the internal structures and dealing with customer acquisition and management; he also enjoys and excels at supervising the office's day-to-day operations. He was named 'Directeur' of the Lausanne subsidiary at the beginning of the year – a challenge he relishes: he wants to see it really take off in French-speaking Switzerland and possibly even reach cruising height alongside the other Apostroph subsidiaries some day.

Although he won't be looping the loop with Apostroph any time soon, he likes to spend time above the clouds: as holder of a private pilot's licence, he loves exploring the world from the air. Not that he has much time for that – he also has four children who keep him on his toes. It means he rarely has time to treat his family to his culinary speciality: a down-to-earth steak tartare. 

Christian Majeux, Directeur