Apostroph in person: Helene Mathis

Helene Mathis joined Apostroph Lucerne four years ago, and mainly looks after clients in the social, association, community and school sectors. It is the perfect fit for a highly sociable project manager who radiates community spirit from head to toe. It's no surprise that she originally spent many years in the restaurant sector. At Apostroph, too, she particularly enjoys the contact with clients and translators, and is glad when the fast pace of the office lets up enough for a quick chat beyond work matters. No two days are alike at Apostroph and there is no such thing as routine, says Helene. As someone who tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, she also appreciates the warm family atmosphere in the Apostroph team.

There is more time for long discussions outside the office, where the sociable side of her personality has a much freer rein. She loves cooking up tasty meals with friends or flatmates, having a glass of wine, going out for dinner or to the cinema, or taking a cooling post-work dip in Lake Lucerne. She is in her element as soon as there are plenty of people around. Now and then, she also finds time for sport, exploring the local surroundings out on a run. Further afield, trips and travels take her to Madrid or Montreux, or up into the mountains in the winter. Someone who benefits especially from Helene's kindness, empathy and easy-going nature is her five-year-old goddaughter Mona. Playing with Mona in the park, watching a children's film or hanging out at the lido are times that Helene is truly able to live by her personal credo of "enjoy the moment"!