Apostroph in person: Sarah Iseli

With a Portuguese mother and a Swiss father who spoke to each other in French for the sake of better communication, she was born into an environment rich in linguistic diversity. Sarah Iseli grew up in the language boundary area of Switzerland near Biel and she has a large family spread all over the world – so multilingual communication and multicultural dialogue are very much part of her life. It's hardly surprising that sooner or later her career would bring her to Apostroph. Here she loves the variety of her job, including the contact she has with customers operating in a diverse range of sectors, as well as interacting with translators and colleagues. She also appreciates the varied rhythm of a project manager's work. While things do sometimes get hectic, there are quieter periods, too - and this variation is something Sarah says she particularly likes. As you might expect, she was keen to take the opportunity of a change within Apostroph Group, moving from Lucerne to Lausanne nearly two years ago. This has given her the chance to polish up her French and – no surprise here – enjoy the city's cultural diversity and vibrancy to the full.

Family and friends are important to her: she loves spending time engaged in active pursuits with them, preferably outdoors in the fresh air. In fact her favourite season is drawing to a close right now: autumn is the time of year she likes most. What could be more enjoyable than to be outside beneath the dappled golden trees bathed in mild autumn sunlight, the leaves rustling under your feet? For Sarah Iseli, that enjoyment is multiplied when shared with friends.

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