Now we have the salad

Apostroph knows its stuff - in English

Idioms can be quite amusing when rendered literally into another language.  Take the German phrase "Da haben wir den Salat". It means variously "that's a fine mess", "there, what did I tell you?" and so forth, but translated word-for-word it comes out as "Now we have the salad", the idea being that a salad, when tossed, is all mixed up and a bit of a mess.
Fortunately, Apostroph knows its way around the English language and is able to side-step the many linguistic traps that are ready to catch the unwary.
Laughing aside, clear and effective communications these days are key for driving business success. Why not play it safe by placing your trust in the Apostroph Group and its proven, experienced language professionals? They'll create bespoke, accurate renditions of your source text by translating only into their mother-tongue, and only in their field of expertise.
Tossing salads is all very well, but perhaps not in the office. Unless, that is, you want to be left with egg salad on your face...