Turning over optimised pages – SEO for all

Improving your chances of being found in the web

Can an organisation succeed without a website? Not anymore. Skimp on the uniqueness of your offer or the design of your web presence, and no one surfing the internet will find you! SEO is the abbreviation on everyone’s lips: search engine optimisation is the process of populating text destined for the web with particular content and key words that describe the organisation’s products and services as clearly and unambiguously as possible. The result? Significantly improved rankings by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing – with the chance of enhanced commercial success.

At Apostroph Group, our translations cover 48 languages – and can be made SEO friendly: once your SEO specialists have identified the relevant keywords, our team of experienced translators ensure that these words integrate perfectly in the translations. They also make the text as readable as possible and convey the content as clearly and in as varied a way as possible. They avoid complicated and unnatural formulations, even if it means inserting slightly fewer keywords. Our language professionals also use synonyms and paraphrasing for the keywords and deploy everyday expressions alongside technical terminology. The translations also take on board the localisation of text and the behavior of online customers. The upshot is that culturally determined search habits are considered, which helps you reach your markets more effectively. Google expects websites to contain high-quality content. Apostroph Group helps you deliver this and analyses your text using professional tools. Lost in translation? We're there for you.

SEO for all
Improving your chances of being found in the web with SEO