ESG approved

Apostroph Group: also top in environmental and social issues as well as in corporate management

At Apostroph Group we offer high quality not only in language services, but also in environmental and social issues as well as corporate management. And that is how we came to be successfully audited by the renowned, globally active company ERM for ESG - Environment Social Governance.

The term Environment Social Governance (ESG) has established itself internationally in both the service and financial sectors. Companies that have been audited for ESG are characterised by the fact that they not only strive for "hard facts" such as growth in their business activities and strategic decision-making, but also take into account and uphold soft factors such as ecological, social and societal aspects. The purpose of the audit is to evaluate the perception of corporate responsibility with regard to social and environmental issues in practice. In short: Environment Social Governance describes the non-profit contribution of business to sustainable development for the benefit of the general public and the community.

For a long time, the business world, in which many companies operate, was primarily geared to ensuring investors secure profits and dividends. In recent years, however, this purely economically oriented thinking has been increasingly questioned by various parties and it has become common knowledge that sustainability is even more important than short-term return on investment (ROI): equally important is the development of an awareness which not only focuses on financial profit but also has social and ecological concerns in mind and leads to corresponding ethical action. And incidentally - not surprisingly - it is not uncommon for this to lead to economic added value and profit: companies and organisations that take environmental aspects into account, promote their employees not only on paper and accept social challenges innovatively and from the point of view of their own sustainable development often achieve not only equally good but even higher profits for themselves and their interest groups in comparison with companies that are less forward-looking. This secures and in turn generates jobs, which is not only in the interests of investors but of all interest groups (stakeholders). So it could also be said that ESG is a win-win situation.

Among other things, we do the following very specifically in terms of environmental protection:

  • Away from paper, towards digitisation - for more environmental protection.

  • Recycling is a top priority: paper, cardboard, coffee capsules, batteries, ink cartridges are collected and recycled.

  • Muscular legs instead of gas guzzlers: for short distances we use bicycle courier services.

  • Printed paper is disposed of in an environmentally friendly and confidential manner by a document logistics company.

Win-win: this is what we at Apostroph Group are committed to and we implement ESG and related corporate social responsibility in everyday life in a practice-oriented manner.