Apostroph in person: Charlotte Nigg

It was serendipity that led Charlotte Nigg to the translation sector: on a whim, and in a bid to do something completely different, the former healthcare worker was on a night shift when she responded to an advert posted by Rolf Lüthi Übersetzungen AG (now Apostroph Bern AG). That was almost 25 years ago. Charlotte Nigg was thus on Starship Apostroph right from the start and, as a career changer and newbie in the language services sector, she had to start from the ground up. In her early days, this meant one thing in particular: acquisition – of knowledge and contacts. She has remained in a client-facing role to this day. Now a key account manager, Charlotte loves people and the conversations she has with them. The acquisition of new business means forging client relationships – an activity that's close to her heart. The years have seen friendships develop with long-standing clients. She says of herself that her work has become a hobby; she even thinks she may be a workaholic. But a better way of describing her attitude – which becomes clear when you speak to her – is that she loves what she does: the variety at Apostroph, the close client contact, the camaraderie within the team.

Charlotte Nigg's life is anything but tedious: there's so much to do, so many ideas to work on – she always has something on the go. Rather than spend her free time sitting quietly, hands folded on lap, she goes dancing! Her particular fondness is for up-tempo Latin American dance. She also has green fingers: her garden is where she likes to spend time with family and friends – including her two grandchildren (to whom she's "Grämi"), who vie with her working life for attention. Having worked full-time all her working life, Charlotte's decided to reduce her working week to four days so she can devote one day a week to her grandchildren.

No wonder she's an early riser: she's up with the lark, and like it, she often has a song in her heart in anticipation of the day ahead.