Apostroph in person: Ladina Mayer

Ladina Mayer joined Apostroph Lucerne’s team of project managers in August 2016. A qualified banking clerk with a bachelor’s degree in applied linguistics majoring in multilingual communication, she has proved a perfect fit for the organisation: you name it – German, French, English, Italian, Portuguese – Ladina Mayer loves communicating, particularly with Apostroph’s clients. She has an eye for perfection, yet even at times of high workload, with her cheerful, pleasant personality she’s always ready with a smile. Keep out of her way when she’s hungry, though – as she readily admits, she turns into an impatient “mini raging beast”. 

Away from work, Ladina Mayer likes to keep as busy as she is in the office – but faster: on skis in her native Canton Grisons in winter, or on a mountain bike or in walking boots up some peak or other in summer. She also likes scrambling up climbing walls, though, as you might expect, at a slower pace ... As for blowing her own trumpet: that’s exactly what she does in a chamber music ensemble. Overall, Ladina Mayer loves company and is always doing something, be it with the family or with the partner she met in Canada a few years ago when out there brushing up her English. Her favourite holiday destination is, she says, the world. Given the amount of choice on the planet and her appetite for discovery, she finds it hard to go to the same place twice. What about relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun? That’s not her at all – far too boring!