Apostroph in person: Lisa Rötsch

In the beginning was the word – leastways in the career trajectory of Lisa Rötsch. From her school days in Vienna, language and literature have always been a point of fascination. So much so, she devoted herself to the printed word as a bookseller after leaving school. She finally decided to formalise her interest by pursuing a degree in German Studies and Comparative Literature. Although this involved taking leave of bookselling, she remained keen on the aspect of customer contact. This saw her move from Vienna to Bern, where she continued her studies and gained a certificate of proficiency in marketing.

"The best days are those that involve contact with the client," says Lisa Rötsch. She was appointed Key Account Manager at Apostroph Bern in 2018: the perfect role for someone with her flair for communication and innate inquisitiveness. She finds her work utterly inspiring: "I'm immersed in a world of assorted industries. What are the clients' concerns? How can I help them best achieve their aims?"

Lisa Rötsch has amassed 23 years of experience in the world of marketing, communication and media, something that her Swiss and international corporate clients have come to value. She, too, is fond of working in such a diverse range of sectors, which range from life sciences to publishing and from advertising to food and other fast-moving consumer goods.

Speaking of fast moving, Lisa Rötsch leads life in the fast lane in her private life: she bought herself a racing bike just before going on holiday. So instead of jetting off somewhere exotic, she's been enjoying the summer pedalling here, there and everywhere from Bern's Breitenrain quarter. "My friends tell me I was born on two wheels," she laughs. The latest technology and the world of digital hold no fears for her. On the contrary: "I'd be happy to be implanted with a chip that opened my front door. Anything to stop me having to search for my key.

No wonder! In her role as key account manager, she'd rather be looking for a completely different kind of key – the key to client satisfaction.