Apostroph in person: Marie Suffert

With a degree in translation gained in Strasbourg under belt, Marie Suffert lived in Ireland and Germany and held various positions in the translation sector before her career trajectory saw her join Apostroph Lausanne in February 2017. She handles the entire panoply of client enquiries, and her day-to-day life is full of variety, ranging from providing advice and managing projects to checking quality, preparing quotes and fielding feedback. She particularly likes interfacing with her clients and service providers – a relationship that deepens with each contact.

Unfailingly friendly (if on occasion a tad impatient!), this young lady is a 'people person' in her private life, too. As a highly active soul, she's out and about almost every weekend, visiting family and friends or discovering new places. Her exploits on Lake Geneva are one example: Marie's recently taken up rowing, thus combining her love of exercise with that wonderful feeling of being out on the pristine water.

As a summer child born in July, the sun makes Marie happy, even if one of her pastimes takes place in dark, windowless rooms: as an inveterate cinema enthusiast, she devotes at least one evening a week to watching films. Not unnaturally, she also takes full advantage of her holidays: asked for her favourite destination, her immediate response is: "Anywhere – the more exotic, the better!" Her preference is for new cultures outside Europe – and their individual culinary identities. She has particularly fond memories of Guatemala and India.

Travelling and encountering new cultures broadens the mind – and because Marie cares about the environment, she tries to live as lightly as possible. Hence her motto and her plea: "Please take care of your planet!"