Apostroph in person: Philipp Meier

When Apostroph founders Elisabeth Stofer and Wolfgang Krebs sold the company in 2010 under the terms of a succession arrangement, opportunity struck for Philipp Meier: he's now Group CEO of the company, which operates in Switzerland and Germany. His first strategic innovation saw Apostroph invest in key account management and enhanced customer care. Since 2011, under his leadership it has pursued a strategy of end-to-end digitisation, resulting in the development of new products featuring advanced technologies, and the optimisation of internal processes. Highlights include the introduction of the myAPOSTROPH customer order portal and the conclusion of contracts with new major clients for the modular integration of existing in-house translation services.

CEO Philipp Meier is looking to push on with across-the-board digitisation at Apostroph, be it with further proprietary CMS/ERP interfaces or the expansion of artificial intelligence, which already features in today's production process. Moreover, the company's portfolio of language services will continue to adapt to the evolving needs of clients going forward. He wraps all this up in one guiding principle: "Language, culture and technology: we take a proactive approach to the future."

With so many plans on the go, the question is which of them puts a smile on Philipp's face in the morning. "The question should be, which one doesn't? The answer is none of them!" he counters. He enjoys visiting existing and future clients and loves to network, fly the company flag and give presentations. If that sounds like a varied working life, that's because it is. He's just as fond of variety when he's away from the office: "I love the four seasons. For me, they represent natural, constant evolution – in the same way that my three children keep throwing new and interesting light on life as they grow up."