Professional translations for official, notarial and apostille certification

Anything that relates to the law – capable of satisfying domestic and foreign authorities and administrations. This calls for accurate, verified translations and applies to business and private certifications, public attestations, apostilles/supplementary attestations, contractual documents, commercial documents and much more. Our certified and professionally qualified translators work reliably and with absolute confidentiality on documents and papers such as these. We provide internationally sound professional translations of original documents for any purpose, including

  • All things commercial – business, trade, international relations

  • Anything relating to personal matters in private life

  • All documents concerning travel or cross-border changes of residence

So that you can carry on successfully developing your business at a global level, we provide authority-compliant, legally assured communications worldwide. Lawyers, private and official notaries, municipal and cantonal administrations, state chancelleries and registrars draw up all manner of documents concerning a multitude of business matters and commercial relationships. Applying the principles of national and international law, our skilful translators render these papers and documents into German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, as well as into non-European languages such as Japanese, Arabic, Chinese and 38 others.

We translate officially or notarially certified documents of all kinds:

  • Commercial agreements, merger contracts

  • Extracts from the land register

  • Business plans

  • Patents, certificates, declarations, evidence, proof of signature, transcripts, forms

  • Purchase and sale contracts

  • Credit agreements, guarantee contracts

  • Promises of payment (letters of credit)

  • Extracts from the penal register

  • Customs documents for import and export

  • Tax returns

  • Articles of incorporation

  • Commercial register papers

Whether you’re changing your civil status, moving home, emigrating, applying for Swiss citizenship, changing your domicile or concluding a legal transaction before a court of law, many documents relating to an individual’s personal affairs, which have been drawn up by a notary, are valid in a different language or a different country only if their translations have been certified by a notary. Our translation service is qualified, discreet, reliable and rapid. We handle:

  • Civil status documents, registry office documents and certificates such as marriage certificates, divorce decrees, family record booklets, birth certificates, adoption papers

  • Documents, certificates and proofs of authenticity in respect of identity, creditworthiness, signature, etc.

  • Death certificates, wills

  • Employment references, doctoral diplomas, degree scrolls (bachelor's, master's diplomas)

  • Doctor’s certificates, medical history, results and diagnosis for health and accident insurances, vaccination cards, immunity certificates, healthcare documents

  • Documents relating to naturalisation and migration matters; documents and forms relating to asylum issues

  • Certificates of domicile, residence permits

  • Driving licences

  • Court cases, records of court proceedings, correspondence with lawyers

  • Diplomatic and consular documents

  • Purchase and sale contracts, inheritance contracts

  • Official and notarial confirmations and documents of all kinds

In our globalised world, people are more mobile than ever. It’s becoming increasingly important to have legally compliant translations of your papers so that you can travel without problem or hindrance. Entrust us with your notarially certified translations for:

  • Visas

  • Passports

  • Identity cards

  • Foreign national ID cards

  • Residence permits

  • Immigration documents / emigration documents

  • Vaccination certificates, health certificates

  • International driving licences, vehicle registration documents

  • Other papers and documents for travel and migration

A notarial certification confirms that Apostroph has, to the best of its knowledge and belief, appointed an appropriate specialist for your document requiring authentication.

Many documents intended for foreign authorities and business partners require what are known as supplementary attestations in addition to certifications and notarisations. The reason: the genuineness of the signature, seal and official stamp needs to be authenticated, as does the certifying and documenting person (typically a notary). Issued by the Swiss or cantonal state chancellery, the apostille or legalisation is the ultimate form of supplementary attestation. It also confirms the translated text of the documents. Supplementary attestation by means of an apostille is practised in the member states of the Hague Convention. It ensures that no further authentication by a diplomatic or consular representation in the country of origin is necessary, and provides the foreign contracting party with the certainty that the contract or document bears the genuine signature. The list of Hague Convention states can be found on the Swiss state chancellery website.

Apostroph Group can provide you with expert translations of apostilles/legalisations. And when it comes to certifying the translated documents, we can also handle the time-consuming administrative procedures. The fee, which varies from canton to canton, is in the region of CHF 80 per certified copy and CHF 60 per apostille.

You can be safe in the knowledge that your data is in trustworthy hands. All Apostroph Group employees as well as certified translators and language professionals working for us sign a Service Level Agreement undertaking never to disclose the contents of any of our clients’ documents entrusted to them. This agreement covers every aspect of the handling of client data and also applies to their own employees.

Our entire data server infrastructure is PGP- and SSL-encrypted. This means that your data is protected at all times against third-party access and is always transmitted in accordance with the highest security standards. As a long-established Swiss company, it goes without saying that all our servers and storage systems are located exclusively in Switzerland. This is your guarantee of Swiss data sovereignty.

No matter how far your travels take you around the globe, you can put your trust in Apostroph’s competence, quality, reliability, experience and adherence to deadlines: Swiss Firm. Swiss Quality.

Important: to ensure that we can carry out your translation – be it of a commercial contract, personal document or travel-related visa or papers – and have it legally certified by the desired deadline, you should make allowances for the time this process takes. You also need to be aware that public administrations, offices and lawyers/notaries’ practices close on regional as well as national public holidays.

In general, it’s not the original that is certified, but a copy. We therefore recommend that you submit a copy of the original document rather than the original. You would be well advised to check this with the recipient of the certification beforehand.

Languages: we translate your documents and papers into German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Tigrinya, Urdu and many other languages.

Compelling quality: Apostroph Group has been ISO certified since 1996. All processes are accredited according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards. Would you like to know more? Use this link to learn about our certified Swiss quality:

How to obtain your certified translation
Telephone us or come in person to one of our offices. We’ll prepare a quote for you on the spot. The project managers at our offices in Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich offer competent, friendly and personalised advice. Contact us for further information. Lost in translation? We’re there for you.