myAPOSTROPH - the intelligent online portal with SSL encryption

myAPOSTROPH is your bespoke solution for managing the high-quality translation and linguistic services assignments you entrust to Apostroph Group. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to monitor all your workflows – from internal order process to deadline monitoring, job management and evaluation. It applies to every single job, around the clock and around the globe.

myAPOSTROPH users enjoy the following benefits:

  • Standardised and automated processes for internal order fulfilment
  • Online deadline monitoring
  • Instant overview of orders placed
  • Copying of repeat orders
  • Quote requests
  • Archiving feature for source and target documents
  • Straightforward operation using any computer
  • No special application needed
  • Reduced strain on exchange servers (less email traffic)
  • Latest data traffic security protocols based on SSL encryption
  • Availability on request of client-specific interfaces from and to ERP and CMS systems
  • Ability to rate our performance
  • AI integration (machine translation) on request

myAPOSTROPH’s standardised and automated processes boost the efficiency of your internal order fulfilment procedures with Apostroph Group’s four offices: the system is easy to understand and features a logical structure, allowing you and your staff to intuitively navigate your orders with ease from the word go – and benefit from the numerous advantages from the very first time you sign in. 

Placing orders for translations and other linguistic services is child’s play with myAPOSTROPH: use the platform to initiate your orders anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and your myAPOSTROPH access information – plus, needless to say, a personal password.

Even if you keep on top of your time management, sometimes there are things that need doing a little more quickly. myAPOSTROPH gives you immediate oversight of your order times and delivery deadlines for translations and other linguistic services, allowing you to respond immediately if, for example, you find you need a translation a day earlier than originally agreed. 

Each little job takes time, which all adds up. That’s why repeat orders now only need to be copied into myAPOSTROPH. Upload the file, select one or more languages, press the button and the job lands at your Swiss translation agency’s desk.

To save you the bother of requesting quotes, we’ve “taught” our system to calculate costs quickly and reliably. All it needs is your file and the required language combination. It doesn’t take long for myAPOSTROPH to get back to you with a quote.

Large organisations with numerous departments using Apostroph for their linguistic service requirements need a particularly clear overview of what's been ordered, by whom and for when. That’s the strength of myAPOSTROPH: it lists all the orders placed together with their current process status – all it takes is a click and a few seconds. 

The letter you wrote to customers last year was so well received – and now you want to re-use extracts from it? Your subsidiary’s strapline in South Africa was so well translated? The archive feature for source and target documents provides you with fast access to all your past jobs, which you can revisit and have retranslated – at minimum cost thanks to the Translation Memory feature.

Computer on, log on, use myAPOSTROPH: it’s that easy, whether you’re in an airline terminal in Atlanta or at home placing an order before taking your daughter to her karate class. Or maybe you’re lying on the beach in Bilbao and you’ve just had an idea for a headline that needs an immediate translation into English and French: myAPOSTROPH is at your disposal 24/7 no matter where you are.

The times they are a-changin’: the times when you had to laboriously install a special, and expensive, programme to get your computer to do something specific are over – thank goodness. myAPOSTROPH is an online tool that requires no additional software or installation; once you’ve carried out the initial one-time registration, you can access it instantly at any time for your linguistic service needs.

Forget data bottlenecks and slow email downloads: because myAPOSTROPH works entirely online, your exchange server has less to do and you can achieve what you want more quickly. And you’re no longer swamped by emails and losing sight of the wood for the trees. Out of sight, out of mind... myAPOSTROPH takes the pressure off your inbox and helps you set your priorities. 

Apostroph Group delivers Swiss quality and subscribes to the typical Swiss imperatives of discretion, confidentiality and security. We guarantee that all our data is hosted within Switzerland’s borders, and we deploy the latest data traffic security protocols based on SSL encryption and up-to-date firewalls. You can also rely on the non-disclosure agreements we conclude with all our translators and other language service providers. These high standards naturally also apply to our myAPOSTROPH online platform.

Does your organisation have its own ERP or CMS applications, or do you use an editing system? We're happy to adapt our interfaces to your organisation’s system – so that your translations and texts are available to you for further processing and implementation even more quickly. All it takes is a click.

Our rating system lets you literally reach for the stars. Since we’re keen on quality, we naturally hope you’ll make frequent use of it. You’ll find the heavenly bodies included with every order. They work the same way as the familiar Google rating scale.

Apostroph’s machine translation service is certified to ISO 18587 standards. We’ll activate this feature for your company at your request. You can then use the online translator for free in accordance with your client contract, order high-quality machine outputs from the proprietary engine, and request premium quality post-editing at the click of a mouse. We look forward to telling you all about machine translation.

We’d be glad to meet with you and take you through myAPOSTROPH’s wealth of advantages and features. Lost in translation? Call us on +41 41 419 01 01 or email – our staff in our Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich offices are at your disposal.