Our technical know-how: professional translation by specialists

Every branch of industry has its particular technical language, which in turn has its perfect translation: our specialised translators have detailed knowledge of their areas of expertise and corresponding terminologies, and all can attest to a minimum of five years’ professional experience.

We offer high-quality, accurate and target audience-oriented linguistic services and translations in 48 languages across the following sectors:

Company reports

Banking, insurance, legal services

Industry, engineering, technology

Life Science, medicine, health

Wholesale trade, retail trade, food industry

Corporations under public law, administration, schools

Tourism, travel, hotels

Advertising, agencies, publishers

Watches, jewellery, luxury goods


Company reports – linguistically compelling
A company report is more than complex sequences of numbers accompanied by financial and business jargon: its job is not only to communicate financial results, but also to project the company’s image to the outside world – it’s a key element in successful corporate communications. Our experienced translators understand IFRS and Swiss GAAP FER – even between the lines. When working on your texts, they do whatever it takes to ensure the linguistic quality of your company report – even under tight deadlines; it means your stakeholders come away with a greater appreciation of your organisation. 

Banking, insurance, legal services: uncompromisingly accurate translationsWhen it comes to legally binding texts, accurate translations are enormously important. Our technical translators in the areas of banking, insurance, legal services and clubs/associations are proven experts in the field of contracts and legal documentation of all kinds, either on the basis of studies in the relevant discipline or of long-standing professional experience. They are able to navigate complex subject matter in the field of insurance and are particularly aware of the nuances of language when it comes to money. And whether the job involves small print or a wide-ranging contract, our translators devote their fullest attention to the project in hand, deploying their long-standing experience for uncompromisingly accurate, crystal-clear results. 

Industrial, engineering, technology – here, too, linguistic tolerances are measured in hundredths of a millimetre
In the industrial, engineering, technology and telecommunications sectors, everything has to be right: it’s only when every cogwheel intermeshes and every spool turns smoothly, when every gigabyte is perfectly clocked and every bit of information is transmitted without error that things can be said to be running to plan. In this area, a great deal of linguistic accuracy is called for as well: our native-speaking technical translators know their subject areas like the back of their hands and provide highly specialised engineers and industry professionals with translations that are accurate to the nearest hundredth of a millimetre. Translations from Apostroph get everything working. 

Medical, pharmaceutical, chemical – word for word, coherent compounds
The healthcare sector is very much in the public eye and watched at every turn. So it’s important to have texts and renditions into other languages that convey the true facts. Our technically adept language professionals produce translations for the medical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries with the expertise needed to convey their messages clearly and distinctly to the target audiences – whether scientifically correct for professionals and managerial staff or appropriately adapted for a broader public. 

Wholesale, retail, food: business successes thanks to compelling texts
Whether you’re talking crispy biscuits, thirst-quenching beverages, melt-in-the-mouth Swiss chocolate specialities or a freshly prepared sandwich, the eye picks out the detail – from the correctly displayed price ticket to the multilingual sales-promoting marketing campaign; from the enormous advertising hoarding to the tiny print of the list of ingredients. Our native-speaking technical translators know what makes your target audience tick and, by delivering promotionally effective translations, ensure that your high-quality products delight an even larger number of customers. 

Corporations under public law, administrations, schools: information that’s a pleasure to read
Translating documents for public authorities and administrations and texts for administrative and educational institutions or NGOs is an art in itself. Our experienced technical translators know their way around officialese in all languages. They translate your messages in such a way as to make them pleasant to read, and in a manner that makes their contents clear – whether hundred-page training documents or university or college examinations, standardised batch letters for the Federal Administration, voting papers of a bilingual municipality, appeals for donations for a humanitarian organisation, course directories for an education and training provider, or informative labels and captions for a museum. 

Tourism, travel, hospitality: overcoming language barriers with good translations
News of the wide-ranging offerings of this fast-growing section of the economy – including attractive tourism destinations, cosmopolitan hotel resorts, individual travellers and gastronomy highlights – needs to reach domestic and international visitors via the print media and, increasingly, online channels. The high-quality work provided by our technical translators helps overcome language barriers. Being familiar not only with the specific requirements of the tourism industry, but also with the cultural characteristics of particular countries or (holiday) regions, they create texts that are locally relevant – so that people feel welcome everywhere. 

Advertising, agencies, publishing – because people remember creative texts
Stylish glossy brochures, high-quality image prospectuses, colourful advertising posters, appealing small ads: public relations require titles that hit home! When it comes to advertising, texts of all kinds present something of a challenge for the translator: they call for fresh ideas and the courage to interpret the advertising message a little more freely than usual. Our creative language specialists give your advertising copy the requisite final fillip to ensure that your headlines remain in the consciousness of your target audience in the long term. 

Watches, jewellery, luxury goods – or: diamonds don’t sparkle until they’re cut
Although our technical translators in the jewellery and luxury goods segment don’t personally go down the mines looking for gems, at a linguistic level they bring your initially unprepossessing treasures into the daylight. Mustering a wealth of technical knowledge, expertise and aesthetic appreciation, they translate texts on valuable luxury goods, fine Swiss chronometers and precious jewellery creations in such a way as to get them to sparkle in every language.

Lost in translation? Entrust us with your translations and contact us: our skilled project managers in Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich look forward to preparing a quotation based on your requirements in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Romansh.;