Editing and transcreation

Our certified and experienced language professionals are specialised across a number of sectors and disciplines; drawing on their expertise and extensive know-how in all aspects of language, they take immense care when working on your texts. We revise, proofread, adapt, edit, reformulate, adjust and optimise the style, perfecting your translation or text in terms of its grammar and spelling/orthography. In doing so, we ensure that the typography is appropriate to the language area – because correctly placed quotation marks and apostrophes are the icing on the cake!

Do you sometimes feel lost in translation, to coin a phrase? We have the ideas – as well as the editing and transcreation expertise.

A professional translation has been produced and correctly rendered into the target language – though complete, it lacks that certain something that helps it convey the nuances of your message or communication. Editing involves giving a text that final formal polish. We also pay attention to detail; with our self-imposed high standards of quality, we optimise the readability, rhythm and tone of a translation: a final fillip is given to advertising copy, while a dry trade article is injected with a little colour; a complex scientific or academic treatise becomes a page-turner, and a well-structured instruction manual offers clarity and instils confidence – so that, for instance, your iron produces the desired steam instead of dribbles of water. Staying with the subject of ironing for a moment: while in Beijing the size of the appliance is an important consideration due to the limitations of living space, in rural Peru battery capacity comes top of the list – it’s all down to how the advertised benefits are structured and ordered. We set priorities for you in your texts with immense sensitivity and empathy for their target audience.

This form of editing and rendering is known in the language services industry as localisation. Whatever its name, our language professionals optimise your text entirely to your specifications.

Editing – for enhanced readability:

  • Advertising texts
  • PR texts
  • Specialist articles
  • Scientific/academic treatises
  • Instruction manuals
  • Press releases
  • Online publicity
  • Websites
  • Book projects
  • Brochures, flyers
  • etc.

So that we can work to your entire satisfaction, a detailed briefing is extremely helpful. Tell us about your readership, i.e. who your text is aimed at – your target audience and target group – and what kind of writing style you prefer. Then we’ll get typing!

Could the text be a little freer? Transcreation – a portmanteau of translation and creation – offers creative, free, functional renditions and adaptations of texts aimed at specific target audiences or special markets. Pithy marketing content such as taglines/straplines or slogans have to “hit home” at first glance – they cannot simply be translated straight into another language. This is where the marketing term transcreation comes in. Apostroph Group has been offering its clients a transcreation service for over 25 years – in fact, since it was founded in 1994. The idea is that your marketing text should really resonate with your target audience and not be perceived as a mere translation.

Our expert and certified translators work into their mother tongues and know their region and its characteristics, both linguistic and cultural, like the back of their hands. Your texts are given a richly nuanced, emotional treatment that is finely attuned to the target group.

The key aspect of a transcreated text is that it does not come across as having been rendered from a different language. Effective creative translations and adaptations of advertising, marketing and other texts into other languages – transcreations, in other words – “speak to” each and every reader, whatever their linguistic community. The appropriate use of style, the right tonality, country- or region-specific codes and linguistic imagery (such as the differentiation between American English and British English – something we are well aware of), idioms, yes, even dialectal elements arouse emotions and help deliver your messages to your audiences more effectively – so you get “more bang for your bucks”: well worth looking into!

Why not let us make more of your corporate texts? You simply have to choose the linguistic style you want. After all, creatively translated, localised and well-aimed messages are particularly memorable and hit home with your targeted readership. Get your marketing messages to speak to your audience’s hearts, not just their minds.

Transcreation – for the coherent rendition of messages that hit the mark:

  • Slogans
  • Taglines/straplines
  • Headlines
  • Book titles
  • Advertisements and marketing texts of all kinds
  • Poster texts
  • TV and radio commercials
  • Social media messages (Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Eye-catching graphics on websites
  • Online banners

Did you know that Apostroph is also your partner when it comes to file handling? We perform all kinds of translations using all kinds of files. You name it – EPS, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Visio, XML, HTML, IDML, ICML, PDF, etc. – we handle it. Marketing people, for instance, often need transcreated texts in the form of vector files. Simply forward us your source file and we’ll render it into the languages you want. You receive the definitive files in all languages – there’s nothing for you to do. Your virtual one-stop service, courtesy of your language professional.

See for yourself what editing, localisation and transcreation can do for your texts: our dedicated project managers at our four offices in Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich are ready with professional, friendly and personalised advice to assist you with your project.