Education in Africa – with Apostroph's help

Ever wanted to study journalism when you were younger? Up here in the Global North, career choices are typically linked to personal preferences. If you or your family can't fund your studies, grants are available to help you achieve your career goals – leastways here in Switzerland.

Fifteen-year-old Michelle wants to be a journalist. She hails from near Mombasa in Kenya and is fully focused on pursuing her career aspirations – assisted by Aiducation International. Via this organisation, Apostroph Group is funding her passage through high school for four full years.

"Education provides the basis for realising professional ambitions by empowering individuals to live up to their social responsibility." Matthias Meier – CEO Aiducation International Switzerland.

That's also how we see it here at Apostroph!

Journalists are experts when it comes to use of language. Their all-round knowledge is matched by the neutral approach they adopt to the topics they cover. As a language services provider, we're keen to promote language and intercultural relations. So we're delighted to be able to make a difference elsewhere in the world, not least because Conny Zehnder from Du! Coaching has been to Kenya to see things for herself and for us.

Let's give Michelle's career hopes a boost! The aspiring journalist has linked her aspirations with another of her life's goals: saying: "I want to give the people of my community a voice."