Interpreters translate in real time

You’ve no doubt heard quick-witted interpreters on popular TV shows or elsewhere: not only are they linguistically agile, they’re experts in the field under discussion and fluent in both languages. Nevertheless, providing a precise and professional interpretation of the spoken word – which is often delivered off the cuff – takes tremendous effort. This oral translating of texts or voice is just as challenging as written translating: the person doing the interpreting has only a fraction of a second to mentally process the words before rendering them in the other language. This is because the words of the person delivering the speech or whatever keep coming in a steady stream – so the interpreter cannot afford to lose the thread.

Whatever the event – conferences featuring leading personalities, international summits, multilingual congresses, factory tours for delegations from other countries, training sessions, conventions, inspections by experts, negotiations involving participants speaking different languages (even over the phone) – we have interpreters for every language combination, social occasion, format and topic. As specialists working in a broad spectrum of disciplines, our professional linguists provide real-time, on-the-spot renditions of presentations, addresses, speeches and training events, always striking the right note over the microphone. After all, intercultural interpreting has been one of our core competencies for over 25 years.

Interpreting is often colloquially referred to as "oral" translation. This is absolutely correct: the specialist provides oral translations in real time of conversations or presentations – if necessary, using a microphone so that as large an audience as possible can listen in the foreign language.

Our interpreters – all university graduates – are qualified and accredited conference interpreters and have been deployed successfully by Apostroph Group at all kinds of events for many years now. We would be pleased to provide you with references from existing clients in your sector.

As in the case of written translations, we interpret in all (from all) languages and most often in combination with German, English, French or Italian.

In the case of European languages such as German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, but also Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, etc., we're able to provide interpretation services at short notice here in Switzerland. The disciplines we cover include marketing, communication, insurance, law, finance, banking, sales, culture, education/training, authorities, government agencies, courts, police, prosecution, travel, tourism, health, life sciences, industry, engineering and technology.

As a Swiss company, we naturally have a good ear for the Swiss version of German and provide you with specialists who understand your words; target languages include German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese and many others.

Did you know that there are various kinds of interpreting? Intercultural communication calls for a variety of approaches: do you want the whole audience to understand what’s being said in every language at the same time? Alternatively, how much of the audience should benefit from the interpreting? Is the venue already equipped with technology that allows the interpreter to be heard by several people? Depending on the answers, one of the following interpreting solutions could be just what you need:

What we offer

  • Conference interpreting

  • Simultaneous interpreting

  • Consecutive interpreting

  • Whispered interpreting (chuchotage)

Whatever the form of interpreting you ask us and our language professionals for – conference, simultaneous, consecutive or whispered – we'll concentrate on finding the right words to ensure your message is understood all over the world, while you focus on your speakers and your audience.

Our professional conference interpreters like to prepare in advance for your speech. Any documents you can let us have before the event – manuscripts, presentations, written documents in general – are worth their weight in gold, because our interpreters don’t simply turn up just before the event’s due to start: instead, they prepare for it well in advance to ensure that the interpretation in the desired language is carried out to a professional standard.

Simultaneous interpreting, arguably the most challenging form of the discipline, demands complete concentration on the part of the interpreter – and all the skills he or she can muster. Here, the multilingual interpreting professionals typically make use of specialised technology. Microphones for the interpreter and headphones for the audience ensure that the interpreter doesn’t disturb anyone else present and that his or her words are heard only by those who need to hear them: the listeners receive the oral translation at the same time as the speaker delivers the original words.

There’s no need to worry about the equipment: many venues are already equipped with the requisite technology – if not, we’ll put you in touch with our audio partners who take care of everything.

Consecutive interpreting – non-simultaneous oral translation into the target language – suits events with a small audience. Worth noting is the fact that consecutive interpreting effectively doubles the amount of time required for a session: by way of example, a speech delivered in German and then consecutively – i.e. non-simultaneously – translated orally into English means that the process of delivering the message to the listeners takes twice as long.

Whispered interpreting or chuchotage, a special form of simultaneous interpreting without technical aids, is also one of our areas of expertise. Chuchotage is particularly suited to situations involving just two interlocutors or a small group seated around a table. This discreet form of oral translation is one in which the target language is whispered directly into the ear – an approach that's practicable only if those involved are sitting together and the other listeners are not disturbed by the whispering.

"Lost in translation" – or rather "lost in interpretation"? Let us advise you on the appropriate form of interpreting for your event. Our consultants will prepare a personalised quote for your event in Switzerland and go through every aspect with you, such as price, type of interpreting, equipment and organisation. Once we've advised you, sit back and relax – we'll take care of everything required for disseminating the spoken word.

It’s all about quality

Apostroph Group is certified to the ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 norms and delivers a high standard quality of service. We look forward to explaining the benefits by means of a personal consultation. You can also use this link for the details:

Note that our interpreters are not students, but qualified conference interpreters who have successfully completed a course of training in the relevant discipline at a university or professional college. After all, you could argue that interpreting has its roots in cultural studies. Want to know more about linguistics and real-time translating? Contact us for further information. Our staff in Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich look forward to being of service.

Quote and order for written translations

We offer translation services for your written documents. Between them, our professional translators can handle texts from any sector of the economy. You can also have your document and its written translation officially certified: we can arrange for the translation to be certified by a notary, with an additional apostille or state certification on request.

Our translators all use state-of-the-art language technology and combine their specialist knowledge with linguistic flair. Our project managers can provide you with details of our services, languages, prices and order fulfilment processes. We recommend use of myAPOSTROPH, our encrypted order portal, for transferring your sensitive documents to us.