myAPOSTROPH: back to the future

The good stays good
We’ve made a number of advances with our new online portal without losing the proven features that our clients have appreciated for years. These include the standardised processes with deadline monitoring, general clarity, and the practical archive feature. myApostroph also retains customer-specific interfaces for ERP and CMS systems and relieves the Exchange server. No additional hardware or software is required, and all data traffic is SSL encrypted.

myAPOSTROPH: now with AI
Following further development, our online portal now boasts a sprinkling of new features. For one thing, it’s become even more intelligent and is now machine translation-capable. We’ve also made simple things even simpler, for instance by allowing you to instantaneously upload recurring and small orders. Requesting a quote is also just a click away: our response will land in your electronic mailbox shortly after. The portal also has a helpful FAQ index.

We’re not only improving the technology, but ourselves, too: Release 2 will see clients able to rate our service.

To be able to use myAPOSTROPH 4.0 to the full, please contact us. The machine translation feature is enabled on request only. We’d be pleased to demonstrate what this capability means for you specifically.

There from the word go: Karin Heinzer
Our myAPOSTROPH online portal launched in 2012, followed by myFREELANCE (for our language professionals) a year later. Karin Heinzer project managed them both. myAPOSTROPH 4.0 finds her taking the next important step by working closely with our IT experts on making our existing and new technologies even more accessible to our clients.

Cause for celebration: myAPOSTROPH takes a major leap forward.