Apostroph in person: Andy Krapf

Andy Krapf has been a Key Account Manager with Apostroph Group since March 2014, responsible for establishing and developing customer relations –  in fact it was he who organized the PerSal project described in the newsletter article "Words in context beat barren tables".

In his job looking after large-scale customers, Krapf likes the direct decision-making, the ability to work independently, the centrally located workplaces – and his route to work: he adores the panoramic view on his morning drive from Zurich into Central Switzerland. In fact he particularly likes Lucerne's major local mountain:  it is sheer bliss for him when the morning sun bathes the peak of Mount Pilatus in warm, golden light.

When he doesn't happen to be working, Krapf certainly lives life to the full and often goes to concerts, festivals and parties with his girlfriend. He's seen quite a bit of the world in his time, too: a while ago he went on a number of trips all round the globe over a period of three years, and his favourite destination at the moment is southern Africa.

The Key Account Manager has recently taken on another rather special management assignment of his own – in this case the 'customer' is still very small, but awfully cute: cheerful baby Vivien puts a proud, beaming smile on her Daddy's face every day – even on a morning when Mount Pilatus happens to be hiding behind dull rain clouds.

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