Editing – for optimum clarity

You’ve shown what you can do as a writer. Whatever the reason for your writing – your studies, a bachelor/master's thesis or dissertation, a CV or job application, a business letter – the document is ready and you want a professional to revise it before it's submitted. Experience shows that editing pays off. After all, mistakes are all too easily overlooked during the writing and subsequent reading of the text – we’re all to a certain extent blind to our own errors.

That’s where we come in: we subject your text to linguistic and typographical checks. Proofreading, comparative proofreading or re-reading: you decide how detailed you want our work on your text to be. If your submission deadline is very close, we’re happy to provide our services at short notice.

Proofreading – the finishing linguistic touch

Our qualified proofreaders apply the decisive and professional finishing touch to texts from all kinds of fields and disciplines. Proofreading involves the meticulous process of checking, correcting and editing your lines – image brochures, websites, press releases, product catalogues, specialist articles and so forth – having regard to the latest orthographic reform rules if the target language is German. The following services are included:

  • Checking and correcting the grammar, spelling, punctuation, typography and hyphenation

  • Stylistic amendments in the interests of clarity

  • Checking the flow and readability

  • Checking that your corporate language has been appropriately implemented

  • Keeping your message in focus

  • Checking that "Swissisms" – linguistic features peculiar to Switzerland – have been appropriately implemented

  • If the target language is German, checking that the latest orthographic reform rules have been implemented

  • Localisation: checking that the translation has your target audience in its sights

  • By way of extra service, an additional re-read for quality assurance purposes: the "four-eye" principle

Further information on our services may be obtained here.

Comparative proofreading – for translations that also sit perfectly in the target language

In contrast to standard proofreading (which involves reviewing the grammar, spelling, typography and hyphenation, as well as the style and your corporate language), comparative proofreading additionally involves comparing the translation with the source text on a sentence-by-sentence basis. Our proofreaders check the translation down to the last detail in line with the ISO 17100 quality standard. As well as conducting a comparison with the source text in the interests of accuracy and completeness, the proofreaders – who work in their mother-tongue – also check that the language used is consistent, properly localised and tailored to the desired audience. You can therefore be sure that your message will its reach its addressees loud and clear. As you would expect, texts for Swiss audiences are also checked for “Swissisms” (linguistic features peculiar to Switzerland); if desired, these are appropriately implemented.

What's more, for quality assurance purposes, we carry out comparative proofreading as a matter of course on translations of legal texts, package inserts for pharmaceutical products, press releases and books. We look forward to advising you on our services.

Re-reading for error-free publications: final re-reading and printing proof

Would you like to have your completed text re-read? Our experienced re-readers work professionally, keep pace with the latest linguistic developments and scrutinise your texts for spelling, grammar, punctuation, hyphenation, typography and consistency. As you would expect, the process also involves checking the formatting, the headers and footers, the page numbering and the list of contents.

A careful re-reading can be carried out on any of your finalised texts and publications prior to their release for printing, publication online or submission to third parties.

In the case of materials destined for printing, the final re-read is known in some circles as the printing proof. Let our experienced language professionals take a final look at your printing projects, just as publishers do for all their work. The final re-read is carried out in the designated layout, and typically in the PDF format. Our re-readers make their corrections using the usual PDF annotation tools (sticky notes or highlights) directly in the document. The corrections are thus clear and ready for the layout artist. If preferred, we can supply handwritten corrections instead.

On request, we’re also happy to work within your online CMS application, including TYPO3, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, concrete5 and others. Come to us for advice – and let us supply you with the "proof"!

Apostroph Group is certified according to the ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 standards. Since its founding in 1994, the company’s been providing thousands of corporate and private clients in Switzerland with the highest quality services.

Working in our translation offices in Bern, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich are multilingual project managers looking forward to being of service. We’re at your disposal in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romansh. We’ll prepare a quote for your document and provide you with all you need to know regarding the file format, price and order fulfilment process. Call us or drop us an email: mail@apostrophgroup.ch.