Pure luxury when it comes to language

Star-studded amenities

Swiss Deluxe Hotels is a business and marketing platform for the 41 most exclusive 5-star hotels in Switzerland. Its membership consists solely of establishments boasting long and proud traditions, all of which are independently managed or belong to a hotel chain. 

Baur au Lac, Carlton St. Moritz, Splendide Royal, Mandarin Oriental, Victoria-Jungfrau, The Chedi Andermatt – illustrious names that conjure images of flights of fantasy: gorgeous textiles, glittering dining rooms, stylish bars, gastronomic delights, spacious suites boasting fabulous views, limitless spa and wellness moments, exceptional hospitality ... The exclusive offerings and services of high-end hotels represent luxury at its finest – and when it comes to linguistic services, Swiss Deluxe Hotels insists on the highest standards. That’s why language specialist Apostroph Group was recently elevated to its ranks of preferred suppliers. A key factor in the decision was Apostroph’s long-standing experience with clients in the luxury hospitality sector and tourist organisations throughout Switzerland

This five-star appointment naturally finds us over the moon ... And like Swiss Deluxe Hotels, we continue to deliver proven Swiss quality. Apostroph Group: Swiss firm. Swiss quality. 

By the way: the purchasers of linguistic services amongst Swiss Deluxe Hotels' members can meet us in person at the SDH Partners’ Day being held at the Dolder Grand in Zurich on 14 June 2017. Apostroph Group: in the thick of it, not on the sidelines.

Swiss Deluxe Hotels Advertising Campaign: No wonder some guests just don’t want to leave.