SEO for all

Ever wondered what lies behind those three letters "SEO"? Apostroph to the rescue! The term SEO stands for search engine optimisation, i.e. everything that needs doing to ensure your website is ranked as high up in the search engines as possible (not counting the paid-for Google Ads) and that people clicking on your link stay on your site and find what they're looking for.

So how does Apostroph go about translating in a way that's optimised for search engines? Alongside the content localisation carried out for each translation, the keywords in the target language are checked and incorporated in the search engine-optimised translation. That said, you have to take care the keywords don't appear too often. It's all about context. Provide your audiences with a compelling experience using horizontal and vertical knowledge. Google views context as positive and ranks your website higher.

At Apostroph, we use only native-speaking professional translators with a deep understanding of SEO. Our project managers write the specifications for you, then check the texts returned by the translators in real time using the Searchmetrics tool before delivering them back to you.

Make Apostroph your go-to provider of SEO-focused translations and editing. What's more, we can also revise your existing texts whenever's convenient for you. On request, we can even bring a real SEO professional to the table to discuss your website holistically – including your use of technology, since that's something that Google also continuously analyses and evaluates.